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All Pakistan Dojo - All You Need To Know

All Pakistan Dojo - All You Need to Know

When it comes to the Tekken in Pakistan, we have witnessed impressive progress in the past couple of months. We saw Arslan Ash become the only player in history to consecutively win both Evo Japan and Evo USA in a matter of months and then international Tekken influencers including Kuro Kuro and Daniel Madonia touched down in Pakistan. To top it all off, Pakistan just hosted its first ever ranked Dojo courtesy of esports Pakistan and Portal Esports.

What’s interesting is that our first ever Dojo actually became the 2nd largest Dojo in the world hosting 184 participants second only to Defend the North which hosted 198 particpants. All top-tier players from across the country came to participate in the Dojo including players from all over Peshawar to as far as Karachi, Sukkur and more.

As we moved on in the final rounds, along with the international sensations Arslan Ash and Awais Hani we also saw some new names come forward with some very impressive performances. These names included Zubair Bablu, Hassan Naruto, Bilal Kaka and Salim Memon who along with Hamza Law came all the way from Karachi to participate and put on quite a show for the ones watching. The organizers even said they haven’t seen anyone use Law as good as Hamza Law does ever before and went on to claim that he is the best Law player of Pakistan and might be the best in the world too.

Arslan Ash made his way up from the loser’s bracket after previously losing to Awais Hani beating Zubair, Hassan and Bilal along the way while Awais Hani fought his way through the winner’s bracket eliminating some big names along the way and came face to face with Arslan Ash in the Grand Finale once again. As Arslan won the first round 3 for 1 it seemed like revenge was all but served. Awais, however, wasn’t going to let it go so easy and surprisingly beat Arslan 3-0 to become the undisputed champion!

All Pakistan Dojo 2019 was streamed in three different countries, in Pakistan itself, in Japan by Kuro Kuro and in Australia by Genuine Gaming and become the sign of better things to come. As we can see new names are emerging from the Pakistani Tekken community and we have Arslan Ash to thank for putting the spark to this ever-glowing flame by bringing home international accolades and organizations such as esports Pakistan and Portal Esports for making sure the fire stays ablaze.


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