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Apex Legends Confirms New Season 3 Legend

Apex Legends Confirms New Season 3 Legend

So Respawn just confirmed what fans have known for quite some time now, the tech-savvy, handsome hacker, Crypto, is finally making his jump into the game with season 3. While we are not yet aware of what his full skill-set will consist of but what we do know is that his abilities will allow him to “deploy specialized surveillance drones to keep an eye on the fight while staying out of sight himself, letting him wait for the perfect opportunity to strike

Apex Legends revealed this new character with a brief insight to his back story in an episode of Stories from the Outlands named “Forever Family

The new season is also coming with a new energy rifle known as the
Charge Rifle and obviously a new battle pass. The battle pass is as-always expected to provide buyers with tons of exclusive items including Apex packs, legendary skins, sound packs, loading-screen wallpapers and more.

All in all the new season update won’t be all that big and we still have no news of a new map that fans have so desperately asked for. However, we might get a new drop location on Kings Canyon itself similar to the Gauntlet (Octane’s Rings) or a new event like Armed and Dangerous but we have no news regarding that so far and will just have to wait and watch.

Are you happy with the new update, or did you expect more?


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