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Apex Legends: Voidwalker Event Review

Apex Legends: Voidwalker Event Review

Over the past few months, EA and Respawn’s Apex Legends has somewhat established itself amongst the battle royale giants Fortnite and PUBG with its continuously growing number of recurring players. Last week, an update to the game brought an exciting new event with lots of new stuff.

The event known as Voidwalker is based upon our favorite portal-jumper, Wraith. Apex Legends released a video earlier revealing the history and creation of Wraith, about how she was just an ordinary girl who got her powers after being experimented upon by an evil scientist. It also explains the voices she regularly hears in her head and where they come from.

The new update brought an underground facility where the Wraith experiments took place. Naturally, right after updating, we decided to jump into the void that takes us to this secret base and not surprisingly so did everyone else in our server. It was a massacre. Immediately after landing the facility was filled with Toxic gas from Caustics, Smoke from Bangalores and countless decoys made by God knows how many Mirages. As you could’ve guessed we didn’t last longer than 20 seconds in that hell-hole, but after a couple of tries we were able to explore the base further and with the many rooms in the facility including the one where you can find the table Wraith was experimented on, you are sure to find at-least level2 body shields for your squad or more and a very decent loot but only if you survive the massacre in there first.

The event update also comes with a new limited-time mode called ‘Armed and Dangerous’ which only has shotguns, snipers and level 1 armors/helmets. The available guns are Mozambique, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, Longbow, G7, and Triple Take. Now this is one of the toughest Apex game modes we’ve seen yet as even the standard level one armor and helmet is hard to find and you’re not very likely to find guns and armor upon landing and might have to wander for a bit longer than usual before you find your desired loot.

Now the update has obviously brought new items to the store including skins for Wraith (obviously), Bangalore, and Gibraltar. New skins for the weapons RE-45 and Prowler are also here with last but not the least, a Wraith frame called the Void Shadow.

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