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Apple Arcade Gets Release Date and New Details

Apple Arcade Gets Release Date and New Details

Apple released new details for their upcoming monthly subscription based video game streaming service which we discussed in some detail in our previous blog that you can read here.

Apple confirmed that the streaming service will be costing us around 800 Pakistani Rs per month at the current dollar rate and is set to release on September 19. In case you are unaware, this service can be found in the App store as a separate tab when it is released and will allow subscribers to download and play unlimited games on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV.

Now how this is different from Google’s Stadia is that Google will be streaming games on Chrome in real-time for the players without the requirement of the high-end graphic cards or systems that are usually very necessary to play these games while the Apple Arcade, is more towards the Arcade side of gaming. As the name suggests, we believe it will be featuring classic and new arcade games that can be downloaded and played on the Apple devices. These games usually do not require high-end specs to play so it is completely different to the motive of the Google Stadia.

Apple has also confirmed that Apple Arcade will feature exclusives i.e. games that can only be found and played through the Apple Arcade itself.


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