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Apple Enters the Video-gaming Race

At the start of the month, Google revealed its very own video-game streaming service, called the Stadia. The Stadia was dubbed to be “The Netflix of Video Games” and “The Death of Consoles” since it would allow you to play the newest games online through highly advanced streaming without the need for expensive consoles or heavy duty PCs. If Google did plan on making it the future of video games, they surely expected competition and well, the competition is here. Apple has announced the Apple Arcade at their event at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

Even though it is different to Google’s Stadia, the concept is still somewhat similar. Instead of being a video-game streaming service, the Apple Arcade would be a game subscription service that will be integrated into the App Store itself. The senior product manager of the App Store, Ann Thai, said "With a single subscription you'll get access to over 100 new and exclusive games" at the event. She further added, “You won't find these games on any other mobile platform or any other subscription service” This can only mean one thing. EXCLUSIVES!

The service is said to feature over 100 new and exclusive games from famed developers and creators around the globe and Apple will keep adding more constantly. Early partners for developing these games include Konami, Disney, Lego, Cartoon Network and Sega. "These developers are some of the greatest storytellers and artists in the world," Thai said. "They're creating games that have never been possible before."

According to Thai, games is the most popular category on the App Store and more than a billion people have downloaded approximately 300,000 games, both free and paid. The Apple Arcade is meant to revolutionize that process by providing unlimited games at a monthly subscription fee rather than people purchasing each game separately. This will obviously allow us to enjoy more games at a lesser cost. What this monthly fee will be is remains to be disclosed and knowing that this is Apple we are talking about, we’re not going to make any guesses. The service will be available for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV coming fall in over 150 countries and Apple has promised NO ADS!

”How will Apple Arcade and Google Stadia impact the gaming industry? Will there be more competition and other such services arrive? Will Sony and Microsoft enter this race? It remains to be seen…"


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