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Arrow - One of Pakistan’s Best Dota2 Players

Arrow - One of Pakistan’s Best Dota2 Players

The 19-year-old boy from Pakistan, Muhammad Ahsan “Arrow” Hameed is one of the top players of Dota in Pakistan. Many of you already know his name.

Ahsan started playing DotA 1 back in 2009. He played casually for 2 years then took a break. He returned to DotA in 2015 and in October of 2016 he participated in the GIKI DotA Event. In this tournament he got a chance to play against his favorite Pakistani player Shiraz "Sh1zzy" Akhter. It ended up as a failure, Sh1zzy’s team wiped them out from the tournament but for Ahsan this tournament was game changing. After this tournament, he had only one goal, to defeat Sh1zzy. He accomplished his goal in 2017, at “Softec”. He was playing offlane at that time for “V2”, first his team defeated Musawer "Ghost" Khan and Muhammad "KsG" Ibrahim in Semifinals. After that they defeated Sh1zzy in the finals. That moment changed everything for Ahsan. After this tournament’s performance, He joined Sh1zzy, Ghost, KsG in Portal. During selection of Portal, there were two players “Unpredictable” and “Arrow” to select from and Sh1zzy recommended his captain to get Ahsan in the team.

After winning ESN, because of some internal issues everyone left Portal on 1st Jan 2018. They accomplished a lot of things together but it was time to move on so they joined “Eximious”, they even got qualified for “WESG China” but because of some visa issues they couldn’t make it to the Main event. After that they parted ways, Sh1zzy and Ahsan stayed together but Ghost and KsG made their own team. They found two new players for their team and made a new team under the banner of ‘Prometheus’. The roster of ‘Prometheus’ was Sh1zzy, Arrow, Titan, Joker, and Ebad. They participated in ‘Dew Gamers Arena’ and lost finals to their ex-teammates, “Ghost” And “KsG”. After that they left Prometheus and decided to play on their own. They were ready to participate in Gamefest Qualifiers but 1 week before tournament Sh1zzy left them and joined Portal Esports. Arrow defeated Portal at Gamefest and proved that he and his team are still one of the best out there.

After Sh1zzy left, what kept you going?

“My family and my girl supported me and told me if you think you're the best make your own stack and win Gamefest, even my mom for the first time took interest in Dota and talked to me about it for hours”

Do you ever want to play with Sh1zzy again?

“I hope I get to play with him again, someday. He's the reason you've a player like me in Pakistan.”

“It's pretty simple if one starts focusing on himself rather than blaming others and finding other's mistake, he's eventually going to get better”, Arrow

Ahsan is currently playing for the same team he won Gamefest with, Recreational Hazard, and is one of the highest ranked players in Pakistan and in SE Asia as well.

"We wish him all the best for his future and hope that one day he will promote the name of Pakistan in the whole world."


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