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COD Competitive League in Pakistan

COD Competitive League in Pakistan

The community has come alive due to the pandemic, allowing many players to play again. Recently a tournament took place held by 2 of the best teams in the community which was a banger with nail-biting matches that had clutches, aces, unbelievable snipes and whatnot. It also got further interesting when a team who were about to get disqualified in round 2 managed to make it the finals and somehow win it 3-2 map count and hence an epic cinderella story was written.

Now, after such an amazing tournament, Scar Gaming (Hosts of the previous tournament) have come up with Paki Super League (yes it inspired by PSL we have such fans) which is a very short league started to let most teams enjoy the game by totally shuffling the rosters of the Top 6 Pakistani teams via a draft. The league is going to have insane competition and fun for the competitors as well as the viewers. The league is taking place this week and the playoffs (taking place this weekend) will be streamed for everyone else to be a part of the league. Hopefully, if such tournaments gain more support and take place more, then we will have Call of Duty tournaments on a larger scale as well.


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