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Code.Play’s Back Again with FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile

Code.Play’s Back Again with FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile

There’s no possible chance that you are living in Karachi and haven’t heard of Habib University, known for both its quality education and signature events. Now one such event is Code.Play, hosted Habib University’s club Brain.Hack designed to put one’s critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills to the test. Inclusive of startup weekend, conferences, workshops, meet and greets, and other competitions, the fourth anniversary of the event also features FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile Tournaments being organized and managed by yours truly.

Starting off with FIFA 20, it will be played on the PS4 on projectors at a Group & Knockout Format. Depending on the number of entries, players will be divided into groups of 4 with every player playing every other player in the group once and the top 2 progressing to the knockouts. At an entry fee of 800PKR, this particular game features a prize pool of 10,000PKR.

The PUBG Mobile tournament will feature best-of-4 eliminators leading up to a best-of-5 Finale. The number of eliminators, matches, and teams progressing to the Finale will depend upon the numbers of registrations that are received and the teams that are playing e.g. if there are 15 teams, the Top 5 teams will play the Finale. The entry fee per team is 1600PKR while the prize-pool of 17,000PKR will be divided amongst the Top 4 placed teams. Every PUBG match will be streamed not only our social media but also in the hall projectors as well.

To let you know once again, team Pakistan Cyber Gaming will be there organizing and managing both FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile personally to ensure that you get the best gaming experience possible in the university. We wish team Code.Play all the best with the event hoping it would be bigger and better than the previous 3 and are looking forward to seeing you there. Make sure you sign up for it by clicking the web icon below


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