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Duos Mode Drops in Apex Legends

Duos Mode Drops in Apex Legends

Apex Legends dropped yet another update and we’ve got good news and bad. Like always, bad news first; It’s time to say goodbye to the fan-favorite Fight or Fright mode which reminded us of the childhood game teamed-tag where if you tag someone they join you in trying to catch the others. Here, if you were killed as a legend, you’ll respawn as a shadow and team up with the rest of the shadows to kill the remaining legends AND IT HAD KINGS CANYON AT NIGHT. What saddens us the most is that this might be the last we see of Kings Canyon so farewell to the market, bunker and all the iconic drop locations.

Moving on to the good news, this update brings us Duos Mode. Personally it happens with me a lot that I’m playing with a friend and we get the third as a random who more often than not, manages to screw things up. This update is here to rid us of that trouble. Now it would be just you and your main-man dropping into battle and nailing down others.

Now a much greater addition in this update, especially if you are a comparatively new player, is the Firing Range. Now Firing Range is somewhat like the Creative Mode in Fortnite where you can practice. You will have access to all guns to try them out and see which one you can work with the best. What’s even better is that you can even play with unlockable characters that you haven’t purchased yet to test their abilities, see how you fare with them, and ultimately decide whether to purchase the legend.

Besides this the legend Crypto have been buffed while the gun Wingman, have apparently been nerfed to deal less damage on headshots. We’ve also received some exciting news about the upcoming legend but since it’s only rumors we can’t share them right now. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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