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Fortnite Goes To Court Again

Fortnite Goes To Court Again

Fortnite has made quite a reputation for themselves when it comes to court cases, and almost all of these involve dance moves that creators claim have been taken without their permission. One such famous case was of the “Backpack Kid” who “broke the internet” with his Floss dance and later claimed his moves were ‘‘stolen’’ by Fortnite.

Now this time, The Hollywood Reporter have obtained some court documents on the case between Epic Games and Matthew Geiler. Matthew sold Epic the rights to his “Pumpkin Dance” for $10,000 and although he has no problems with that, he claims they are also now using his appearance and ‘‘likeliness’’ without his permission. This is because Fortnite’s Halloween event, “Fortnitemares” allows players to wear a pumpkin head and then do the dance which is very similar to Matthew’s attire while he does the dance in his video.

Epic Games' lawyer, Dale Cendali, argued that there are no similarities between Matthew’s costume and the “Jack-o-Lantern” outfit available to players. He says that Geiler was not the first person to wear a pumpkin-head and the concept has just been there since ages and is technically public domain so the only thing Matthew owns rights for the dance that he did, and that Fortnite already bought when they paid him the $10,000.

In the past, there have been quite a number of cases on Fortnite for “stealing” dance moves and ALL of those suits were eventually dropped. With the powerful legal team at Epic Games’ disposal, we won’t be surprised if this one vanishes into thin air as well.


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