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PC Artist Develops Convenient Ping Testing App

PC Artist Develops Convenient Ping Testing App

Before going ahead with the details of the app and the purpose it serves, we’d like you to know the creators, PC Artist. Founded by brothers Shahan and Zeeshan Mustafa, PC Artist is a small-scale computer equipment provider and modeler. In simpler words, they arrange and build new as well as used PCs for people according to their budget and requirements. PC Artist also provides their customers with streaming services and game deals on steam. You can follow their page by clicking here

Getting back to the app, they named it Hitreg based on the term hit-registration and what it basically does is that it pings a Data-center of a particular game and calculates the latency. At the moment the application only works for Fortnite, DOTA 2, PUBG and CS: GO but they have assured us that support for other games will be coming soon. These games will include Apex Legends and more. You can download the apk from the Playstore by searching for Hitreg or clicking here

Following the launch, PC Artist’s Zeeshan explained how we are past the age of download speeds and since we are already above the required download and upload speeds, what matters now is ping and latency. He also expressed his concerns to us regarding the ping issues in Pakistan and the troubles we face in international competitive Esports putting forward the example of Portal Esports’ problems against ESL India. He believes there are only two ways to solve this at the moment; either the video game developers place their datacenters in Pakistan or our internet service providers set better routing table, and to us the latter seems more of a possibility at the moment.

Our feedback? We found the app quite simple and easy-to-use, just how it should be. You just have to select your game and server and are just one touch away from finding the ping. If you’ve used Ookla’s Speedtest app, finding your way around this would be a piece of cake. Now one question going through the minds of a lot of you would be the iOS support. Zeeshan confirmed that they do have plans for releasing the app on iOS down the road so you don’t need to worry about that.


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