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PCG successfully wraps up Burgerlab FIFA Championship Karachi 2019

PCG successfully wraps up Burgerlab FIFA Championship Karachi 2019

After an exhilarating month of some intense FIFA competition, Pakistan Cyber Gaming’s Burgerlab FIFA Championship 2019 came to an exciting end. The tournament kicked off on the 20th July ’19 at the Burger Lab Clifton Branch where the first qualifier was won by Osama Shahid while Adnan Rauf was the runners-up. The second qualifier at the F.B. Area branch was won by Zain Ali Shah who was followed by runner-up Zohaib Mughal. The Gulshan qualifier was won by Salman Haider while the SMCHS and DHA qualifiers were won by Khizar Ul Islam and Ali Khan.

The qualified players then competed against each other at the Clifton branch on the 4th of August for the ultimate prize. The runner-ups competed in a 5 player league out of which the top 3 qualified for the double eliminations along with the 5 winners. Considering that every player in the top 8 has already beaten over 60 other players in the qualifiers, you can imagine how close the competition would have been! Even with all that competition, known to be Pakistan’s undisputed best player, Zain Ali Shah took the trophy home after a nail-biting final with Zia Ali. The final was so close that it can be said Zia Ali’s missed penalty in the dying moments of the game was the deciding factor.

The winner of Gulshan qualifier and 3rd place holder in the Finals, Salman Syed who came all the way from Islamabad just to participate in this tournament said he thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and everything from the management to the organization was up to the mark and he “can’t wait to participate in another such tournament” One of our sponsors for the event, Arsalan (founder of Panda Gaming) also said this was a step up for Pakistani Esports as a whole and would love to continue working with PCG in the future. Speaking of sponsors we would like to thank the brands that worked with us on this: Burger Lab, Gamesbond and Panda Gaming.

Gamesbond, an international esports organisation collaborated with us to promote esports in Pakistan.

Panda Gaming sponsored us the equipment for the tournament, which made the event successful.

Also a shoutout to the players of the FIFA Community who were participating in the tournament and still volunteered to help Team PCG in the administration as well when needed: Talha, Ashar, Ghanim, Zain and Zia.

As a gamer, what pleased me more than seeing people play FIFA together was to watch them having a good time doing it. Smiles, high-fives, emotions and new friendships were all around and this is something that our gaming community has been deprived of, till yet! I can assure you this is just the start of something big and our team is on our toes eager to bring you many such events of different games and when we bring you that fire, we expect you to bring the heat!!!


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