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PCG Teams Up with IGen for CS GO LAN Event

PCG Teams Up with IGen for CS GO LAN Event

Ever since Pakistan Cyber Gaming was launched, our followers have often asked for Counter Strike: GO tournaments, and quite frankly, why wouldn’t they? After all, CS GO is amongst the top Esports titles in the world and despite being about 8 years old, is severely enjoyed by the masses.

Responding to outrageous public demand, PCG decided to team up with IGen Gaming to bring you IGen Masters Season 2 powered by Come 18th of Feb, 32 teams from all over Karachi will compete for the 45,000PKR prize pool following a Best-of-3 Knockout format. The entry fee is as low as it gets, ONLY 1000PKR PER TEAM!!! Which is only to ensure the seriousness of the teams and competitiveness of the event. The registrations will be going on till the 16th of Feb 2020.

Each team of 5 will select one representative responsible for choosing maps and communicating with the officials on behalf of the team. As the game starts, 30 rounds will be played with both opposing teams playing 15 as Terrorists and 15 as Counter-Terrorists. The first team to win 16 rounds will win the map and the round will end immediately. Each individual round will be of 1:45 in duration and the teams playing Terrorists first will be announced before the match or decided over a knife-toss. In case of a draw 6 extra rounds will be played; 3 rounds as Terrorists and 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists. First team to win 4 rounds wins the map. [Repeat if necessary]. Extra rounds restart money: $10,000.

The maps that the team will play on will be randomly selected except for the final match. In the final match, Maps will be determined in a snake elimination draft as follows: Team B BANS, Team A BANS, Team B PICKS, Team A PICKS, Team B BANS, Team A PICKS. The teams can pick from the following maps: (a) Dust2, (b) Inferno, (c) Mirage, (d) Train, (e) Vertigo, (f) Nuke, (g) Overpass


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