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Portal Esports launches Bootcamp Facility

Portal Esports launches Bootcamp Facility

Back in 2016, Portal Esports became the first Pakistani company to recognize Esports is more than just casual gaming and after opening their very own gaming zone in Lahore, they also became the first organization to hire players and make teams that were given actual salaries. After being associated with brands like Zalmi and organizing mega events they made quite a name for themselves in the country. However, recently, Portal closed their gaming zone in Lahore and had us wondering for a while.

Little did we know, it was the calm before the storm and Portal just made a comeback with news that has got us on our toes. A dedicated Esports Bootcamp facility in the city of lights, Karachi. Portal made the announcement on their social media stating, “The goal is to set up the perfect environment for professional teams. Accommodation, practice rooms with state of the art equipment, managers, international coaching, multiple internet connections, power back up” Now we’re really excited about the “international coaching” part and curious to see which coaches or players they will bring in for the role. They further announced that they will be selecting players to represent them, and these players will be offered yearly contracts with salaries and other benefits not yet disclosed. The games they have focused on to start off are CS: GO, DOTA 2, Fortnite, and PUBG.

With all that to look forward to, we at PCG are genuinely hyped to see how Pakistan’s first dedicated Esports Bootcamp facility will turn out to be and what this means for the future of Esports in Pakistan. We wish Portal all the best with this new venture and want them to know PCG has their back throughout this journey that they have started. The opening is expected to be in March 2020 so until then, stay tuned to Portal’s page and PCG for any updates.


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i want to join how i can

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