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Struggles Of A Pakistani Gamer

Struggles of a Pakistani Gamer

Like every other profession in our beloved country, gamers have our very own third-world problems. Here’s to list a few almost each of us can relate to:

1) Internet

"Bhai apna Wi-Fi bund kardo mera game atak raha hai"  been there done that? Us too. We Pakistani gamers do not have a proper internet connection, either because it’s too slow or our ping is off because we do not have a good server. Don’t even get me started on

Sir, line cut hogai hai, it will be resolved in a few hours 

2) Load-shedding

The load-shedding situation has improved in recent years and we don’t have scheduled load-shedding in most areas but we still hear a scream once in a blue moon "Abey iss time kyun light chali gayi"
 and if at that time your console or PC was on then you better cross your fingers

3) Heating: 

Bhai A/C chala day” More than people, our consoles are screaming that in the summers. Being one of the hottest countries in the world doesn’t help in lengthy gaming sessions.

4) Cafes and Gaming Zones

With the infamous reputation of gaming zones, where there is more cursing and fighting than gaming and having fun. Piss off someone from the other team too much and you might just hear 

"Bahir mil tujhay batata hun"

5) Piracy

Pirates are still on a rise in the local markets and no we don’t mean Jack Sparrow, we are referring to cheap copies of video games. Rising costs have led to some gamers resorting to pirated versions of the games they love, which of course comes with a heavy price, that’s right: 

No Online Access 

6) Discrimination

Pakistanis are often victims of stereotype. You should be in the Terrorist team not Counter-Terrorists”. Just another, among the thousands of different kinds of racial slurs gamers from Pakistan may have to face while gaming online.



Damn, this is so true...

Danish Asim

im a gamer and i damn feel this stuff dude I wanna give up loool

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