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Tekken Sensation of Pakistan

The Tekken Sensation from Pakistan No One knows About

Let's talk about something really cool

Arslan 'Ash' Siddique, the 23-year-old professional eSports gamer representing Vslash eSsports fell in love with Tekken since the 3rd release of the series who began his inspirational story as he started winning local tournaments and soon made a name for himself.

But he didn't stop there.

Earlier this year, Arslan won his first major tournament (KOF GCC OMAN) in Oman which started his professional eSports career and turned his dream of being a gamer by profession into a reality. Arslan continued to dominate winning several tournaments, local and international, including 'OUG Dubai' which landed him a prize win of $1500 which is nothing short of impressive. Coming back home, he has also very recently won a 25,000PKR tournament organized by Pakistan's biggest Tekken community, Pakistan Tekken Champ.

How did he get here?

He used to play for fun at a local arcade and practice turned him into the player he is today. After winning his most memorable tournament when he was only 18, he was thirsty for more.The dedication made him one of the best players in the region but speaking with him we can confirm, he is as humble as he can be.

So how do I become Ash?

There isn't really any secret, although Arslan does love the character 'Kazumi' and hates playing against 'Geese'. He is grateful that his parents are supportive especially his mother, and we can call him lucky because there are not many Pakistanis mothers who don’t say

“Beta sari zindagi ye TV kesamne game kheltay raho gay?”


For inspiration, he looks up to 'Misterio'- a professional King of Fighters player.

What's next?

Arslan has no intention of stopping, as he has moreover won the hyped 'PLG Grand Slam' earning that juicy $3000 and for at least half a decade more Arslan hopes to continue his journey and we at PCG will be supporting him along the road.

We would like to thank Arslan for this interview and Vslash for giving him this opportunity. Arslan gives an inspiring message through action and speech that anyone in Pakistan who wishes to compete professionally should not give up and Keep pursuing his dream. Arslan believes if you have that determination, anyone can surpass anyone, even him.

All the best to Arslan for his future endeavors and to any young aspiring E-sports gamers

We believe you will


Muhammad Sufyan

Well done arsalaan Ap evo mein b lazmi Jana


Very nice brother we are proud of you

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