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The silent Call of Duty Competitive Community of Pakistan

The silent Call of Duty Competitive Community of Pakistan

With the introduction of the Call of Duty Franchised League going into the 2020 season, the fans are even more excited for the competition as city-based teams from around the world compete to take home the trophies. Activision also introduced a Challengers League keeping the tradition of Open Brackets alive and giving a chance to Amatuer players of showing off their skill.

However, Pakistan, even with a great player base that plays casual as well as competitive haven’t been acknowledged. First of all, there is a misconception that some people in Pakistan have which is Competitive CoD is played only on PC. This may be happening due to all the CoD 4: Modern Warfare tournaments that take place very rarely in the country. And also because PC gaming looks more promising to the organizing companies. Some people from the “Actual” Comp scene have tried to get a few orgs to get interested in Competitive CoD but the companies are “afraid of investing in consoles”.

Then, due to there being slim chances of the competitive CoD players getting exposure, popular teams decided to create their own ruleset to play on instead of the official CDL Ruleset. Shortly, almost every single team started playing on the ruleset that are made by teams within the community who refuse to play the official ruleset. Last couple of years, some teams have tried to revive the CDL ruleset within the community and are progressing.

In order to speculate the player base, we can easily see all the events that take place in high schools and colleges that have CoD competitions in Lahore and Karachi. The events are loaded with amazing players and teams competing to take the prize home. There are some fabulous teams that have been playing for a long time in the community and have spectacular skills that is worth to play on the big stages such as ScaR, iCON, Illuminate, Legacy and Entity One. These rosters have been tremendous throughout the previous season of Call of Duty competitive in Pakistan online. But unfortunately, there is no platform for such talented teams and players to show their skill in Pakistan.



Any tornument???? Cod bo3 ps4????

Muhamm kha

I Am pubg player i need


Any COD TOURNAMENT send me this number 03071231616



M ziyam khan

Any cod tournament please tell me on

Ali khokhaR

I’m Call of duTy Mobile player Playing from season 4 conatct me on insta @i_t_s.ali

RAJA Bilal

Any Call of duty mobile Tournament contact me...

KVLEO Official

Pakistan best player Usman King


name is demonghanixx search for codm 1v1............... i think i am the best player in my hates.

AHMED gaming yt


AHMED gaming yt


AHMED gaming yt


mr king butt

mr king butt


Hafsa_raja SEARCH and will play together

i dare you to challange me my name is pandapro2.o

pandapro2.o challange me



Moeez ali

is any cod tournament is coming if it is tell me

Imtinan Bashir

Any one play tournament in cod come on

Imtinan Bashir

I m no 1 player in cod in pakistan




ANYBODY WHO can HELP ARRANGING a local tournament of COdm?? Mp and br both


ANYBODY WHO can HELP ARRANGING a local tournament of COdm?? Mp and br both


ANYBODY WHO can HELP ARRANGING a local tournament of COdm?? Mp and br both

Ahmed Kashif

Assalam o Alaikum brother Im conducting a survey regarding gaming. Heres the scenario - You pay 500 rs to enter a warzone tournament with 150 other players who have also payed 500 rs. If you win the match you walk away with 20000 rs. But if you lose you walk away with nothing. Let me know the awnser as im putting together a tournament. The tournament is for warzone only

Ahmed Kashif

Contact me on instagram @ahmedkashif.innit all letters are small


Is there any codm Tournies?

A qadeer khan

Search pakhtoon-boy To play togather

hassan azeem

is theren any codm tornament

Myself ahtisham

Remember a hungry lion and silent boy both are dangerous and i will bring this amount to my sweet home. Cod player

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