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Will Esports take over Sports?

Will Esports take over Sports?

Sports have been around for a very long time, and by very long we don’t mean the past 400 years or so, we mean ancient history. According to Romans used to play different sports such as swimming, horse-riding, running, hunting, wrestling, boxing and even different ball games. Sports evolved as the years rolled on, the sportsmen became more reputable, the crowds grew larger, the infrastructures became grander and the stakes got higher.

Soon after computers came around, the competitive nature of humankind led to us inventing video games just to see who could get the highest score and people used to compare their scores just to determine who was better at a game until the fighting game Street Fighter II was released in 1991 where instead of comparing high scores, people could challenge each other face-to-face to find out who is the better player and thus began the video game era. The history of Esports is quite interesting if we dive into it but we will perhaps save it for another blog.

Let’s get back to our present and see how Esports is holding up against physical sports. Before getting into the debate, let us first define Esports for you. By dictionary definition, Esports consists of multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. The industry has been on a steady rise ever since it came around but will it one day be able to replace physical sports? Only time will tell.

Is Esports an actual sport? When we did some research and asked the public this question, we found out people have divided opinions on it. Some people believe that ‘’nerds playing with a joystick’’ will never be able to replace the hype and thrill that comes along with ‘‘actual’’ sports while some say that the digital age is coming and there will come a time where Esports will become bigger than any other sport.

Now that we’ve discussed opinions, let us take a look at some facts. Did you know that the $25.5million 2018 DOTA 2 prize pool was actually higher than the 2018 US Open golf ($12milllion) and the 2018 Tour De France ($2.7million) prize pools? Well now you know.

Professional gamers are now seen as influencers and have massive social media followings and Nike just signed their first ever sponsorship deal with a professional gamer, if one of the biggest sports companies in the world signing an Esports player is not a sign, then what is it? Furthermore, Esports is actually being considered as a gold-medal sport in the 2022 Olympics. The universities in the United States have started giving Esports based scholarships and LoL players are actually considered to be professional athletes. Speaking of LoL, they made a very beautiful video on this particular topic and it gave us goosebumps, we’ll leave it for you to watch and judge.

We don’t want Esports to replace sports, we want it to become a part of it!

Like they said: it’s not sports, it’s our sports!


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