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Pakistan Cyber Gaming is an organization giving eSports a platform through the latest news from the gaming world, interviews, and online/offline tournaments

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Simply go to the tournament info tab>click on the preferred tournament. You will either get redirected to the sign-up page or get more info on how to enter.

Match proofs are evidences which are required to validate a result in case of a dispute in an online match; they can be submitted in the form of pictures/videos. It will be up to our team to decide which pictures or videos are valid and acceptable.

It’s the decided time and my opponent has not showed up yet?

If you can't see the tournament you want to visit, simply refresh the browser. It is also possible that tournament is no longer on-going (or perhaps we might have just missed it)

We at the PCG will do our best to communicate every tournament we know about, however if there are any events going on which we are not aware of, please let us know here (hyperlink to contact us) We would really appreciate all the help we can get.

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We aim to share the best of every game out there but our own tournaments will feature DOTA 2, CS:GO, FIFA 19, Tekken, PUBG mobile, and more in the near future.

Anyone is eligible to join unless there are specific restrictions, to know more check out the details of the particular tournament you want to join. You may not be able to join any particular tournament once the slots are full.

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Any issues regarding tournaments are to be resolved by the host. If the host is PCG write us an email, however many tournaments if not most will be hosted by third parties. PCG is not responsible for misconduct on the part of third-parties. You need to contact them in order to have a satisfactory resolution.